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TabTussin™ vs. Cough Syrup
There are many reasons why you should take TabTussin™ over cough syrup
and we've put together the top 10 just for you.

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#1 reason Doesn't taste yucky #6 reason Travels easy  
#2 reason Can pair with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage #7 reason Twice as strong as most cough syrups
#3 reason No aftertaste #8 reason Better value than leading cough syrup brands
#4 reason No yuck face necessary #9 reason Twice as many doses as a 4oz bottle of cough syrup
#5 reason Spill proof #10 reason No mess
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More Bang for your Buck.
In today’s economy we need every penny we can save. TabTussin™ can help you out with that. A package of TabTussin™ will cost you less per dose than your favorite branded cough syrup and also last you longer as it contains 24 doses per pack as opposed to the 12 doses in a 4oz bottle. With twice as many doses and less trips to the store with these high gas prices, your money stays in your pocket longer.

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